Hydrostor sp. z o.o.

ul. Zyblikieiwcza 11/1
31-029 Kraków, Polska
+48 12 399 49 59

About Hydrostor

Hydrostor is a company that mail values is optimizing the processes and increasing the quality of mushrooms. We constantly research for new solutions which could improve the process of mushroom cultivation. That is how hydrogel Hydrostor Mushroom was created. It holds the water in the peat so it is more available for mycelium during whole cycle.

Hydrostor & PMB
We are part of Polish Mushroom Business because we believe that cooperation of companies and scientist specialized in mushroom cultivation could bring many goods for mushroom producers. Whole group is focusing on bringing full cultivation system for growers.
Hydrostor on Mushroom Days
The Mushroom Days is a perfect place to bring our solutions to light so our group is willing to show the best Polish system of mushroom production.
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