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Mushroom Commander for controlling microclimate in the cultivation halls

Poland is the largest producer of white mushrooms in the European Union with total production volume of 330.000 tons per year.  75% of Polish production is exported, 90% of which is exported to EU markets. Around 80% farms in Poland use LAB-EL climate controllers produced for over 22 years. The experience gained while supervising those systems in several hundred mushroom farms in Poland allowed for making constant upgrades. New upgraded version is the Mushroom Commander system, which provides full and professional control of microclimate parameters recommended for a big area growing rooms.

Some of the advantages of the Mushroom Commander system are enumerated below.

  • Controller LB-762 (LED) / LB-762A (LCD) with big quantity of measurement inputs (2..4 psychrometers, 11..19 thermometers, 4 anemometers, 3..5 inputs for additional sensors), outputs (8..16 for actuators with feedback, 2 isolated for inverters, 8 relays), with Ethernet and RS-485 interface.
  • The availability of more than 2 heat exchangers in an air-conditioning unit saves expensive energy.
  • Measurement and regulation of overpressure in the hall important for maintaining mushrooms growth.
  • Measurement and registration of external meteorological condition important for understanding changes in mushrooms quality.
  • Recording pictures from cameras in the halls every few hours provides visualization of the mushrooms growth, which allows one to choose the right time to harvest without constantly visiting the halls.
  • Structure SERVER – CLIENT of the LBX control program allows to manage the plant remotely with use an external consultants.
  • Unlimited database of collected microclimate measurement data supplemented with a set of registered comments written by technologists about the growth, problems, diseases and yields of cultivation helps producer to collect experience.
  • Quick software adaptation service for different needs of individual plants, for different clients, for different types of exotic mushrooms.
  • Translation of the program into other languages: English, Russian, Chinese and other.
  • The extended data set enable development of automated crop control algorithms by examining the correlation between the causes and effects of cultivation.

Providing personal consultations and practical training, as has traditionally been done so far, has its limitations. In order to be able to increase knowledge sharing, the LBX program records in detail the conditions and effects of production. The construction of LAB-EL climate controllers have allowed optimization of regulatory procedures and are the basis for their further development towards the introduction of digital algorithms for cultivation in the near future.

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