MEXEO Institute of Technology

ul. Energetyków 9
47-225 Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Polska
+48 77 487 38 10

About us

MEXEO Institute of Technology located in Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Poland, represents a research and development center and production company involved in industrial implementation of modern products and technologies on the field of fine chemicals and industrial chemistry.

One of our key market is mushroom growing industry, including development and offer of innovative hygienic engineering systems, technologies and chemicals for this sector.

Our special offer and new development are implements and technology for gaseous ClO2 generation and disinfection during the process of mushroom growing.

The main advantages of this new approach to mushroom protection include attainment of myco-selective materials and environment through a widest spectrum of activity against pathogens by the applied means and methods and replacement of other costly and harmful technologies using thermal disinfection or toxic chemicals.

This achievements are based on the most recent research work carried out as part of the project, "Innovative mycoselective cover and compost for mushroom growing", No. 01.01.01-00-0829/16-00, Measure 1.1.1., supported by European Commission and Polish National Center for Rresearch and Development.

Our complementary offer for the mushroom industry includes plants and means for water disinfection also based on chlorine dioxide and a comprehensive supply of other cleaning and disinfecting agents used in accordance with the current state of the art and practice in this field.


We welcome business partners and clients interested in collaboration with us.

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